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Friday Night Links, June 27th

By Spender | June 27, 2008

Saver and I will alternate writing in this link sharing spot. Here are a couple stories that caught my ear and eye this week.

NPR story: Perfecting the art of Frugal Living in NYC

Margot Adler reports on the struggles of living in New York City as an artist.

Free: Walking tours in select European cities

I found a company that offers free walking tours in these cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. We haven’t tried them out yet but seem like a good way to get to know the city and it’s free.

Strobist: New AlienBees Wireless Triggers

A quick preview of new wireless flash remotes from Paul C. Buff. The Strobist is one of the best places to go to learn how to use off camera light to improve your photos (without spending thousands and thousand of dollars on light gear).

Shoot the Blog: Flickr and the Camera Marketplace

Can’t find the camera you want on Craig’s List or Ebay. Try Flickr?!

And the most ridiculous way I want to spend our money: The Ampbot

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